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Apache2’s latest with SSL


Apache installing with SSL.

Here’s a couple of tips to save you ( and for me to remember to aviod ) a few painful annoying hours of battling trying to install apache with ssl, that refuses to compile.  So annoying in fact for me, I thought I better write this up immediately as best I could.

First off, just in case you didn’t know ( like me before today’s “exercise” ), ssl these days only works when it’s source code is statically compiled into the source code for apache2, like in the good old days ( which by the way, where not all that good anyway ).  Say again, no dynamic loads for ssl.

A side benefit ( in this business it helps to be positive … when you can ) of having to statically compile stuff, seems to me we may as well while we are here, compile in the modules we need and as a result, simplify the config file so no one ( especially me ) has to spend time working out from day to day whether modules loaded ok ( as well as apache2 actually running a bit quicker – which is also a nice thing, from the boss’s point of view anyway ).

The second tip, in case you too have not installed apache2 in the last few months, is that the latest version of apache2 does not compile with the latest version of openssl. True, I should have guessed things were still like that, but I didn’t.  So much for guessing; this following is what finally worked for me on a linode server running Debian 8.6.

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