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Pasadena 2

At the Pasadena race track with my new taxi driver friend, I was surprised how he would bet on all the 100 to 1 houses and he was equally surprised I bet on the shortest odds.  Needless to say, he wasn’t too happy that he lost all his money.  Seeing I made a five dollar profit, he suggested we go out that night and I could celebrate and he could be cheered up.  What the hell I thought, I am in America, so we went back to his place to dump the Checker taxi and for him to get changed.

Turned out he lived in Hollywood of all places.   This was my second day in the USA and knowing very little, I remember being somewhat surprised that Hollywood was nowhere near the big HOLLYWOOD sign.  That’s how naive I was and how exciting it was for me to actually be in Hollywood.  The fact that everyone pretty much in the movie business had moved to Burbank years before, did not faze me one little bit.

At his place, we picked up his sisters white convertible 59 Cadillac, otherwise referred to as a boat.  That’s a picture of it here, after someone painted it pink.  I kid you not.

Off we go into the night, LA style.  He was an expert on places, like Joe’s bar which I could never have even heard of unaided.  Remember, this was the time before the internet of things.  Now everything and everyone is on the internet and I diligently go where google tells me, rightly or wrongly.  I miss those old times.  My new friendly american taxi driver was telling me the everything, like how he had sold his taxi to a foreigner with poor English and was buying a house out of LA.  This was his last week driving a taxi, which as life would have it, was a good move for him because of what happened to us next. Continue reading

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