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Pasadena Fires

After two hilarious days in Hollywood, monday morning arrived and I was driving to Pasadena for my first day of real work.  I was in wonderland.  Traveling along on a freeway consisting of ten adjacent lanes all going with me and me as fast as my tiny dangerously inconspicuous Japanese car would go, I wondered if highway 101 was related to room 101 and why route 66 went no-where in particular.

My new taxi driver friend had giving me the heads up on how to drive to Pasadena from Hollywood on the freeways in peak hour.  Thanks to his remarkably detailed instructions and the fact that the peak hour traffic was heading in the reverse direction to me, I arrived in plenty of time to park in the companies car park with what seemed to me like a thousand other happy cars.  My white shirt was clean and ironed together with my best suit and matching tie.  With my briefcase full of the my Australian customers functional specifications, I made my way to the front of the building.  I was ready. Continue reading

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